Ronaldo might banned from UCL quarter final


Ronaldo might banned from UCL  quarter final


Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo might be banned from the Uefa champions league but it is unclear whether Ronaldo will receive a ban for his gesture, but he will probably be fined at a minimum

Ronaldo excitedly celebrated with his team-mates in front of supporters but made a controversial gesture with his hands towards his groin which  was likely inspired by a similar move made by Atletico head coach Diego Simeone in his side’s first-leg win over Juveand Simeone was fined €20,000 (£17k/$23k) by UEFA after the governing body concluded that his controversial celebration constituted “improper conduct”, but the Atleti coach escaped a touchline ban.Simeone was found to have violated Article 11.2 of UEFA’s Disciplinary Regulations – engaging in conduct that is “insulting or otherwise violates the basic rules of decent conduct” – and Ronaldo’s mimicry of the Argentine’s behaviour suggests that he too will be found in breach.

Ronaldo might escape with an official warning or reprimand, but he could also be fined (up to a maximum of €100,00) and suspended.