Empty seats at Uruguay’s World Cup win over Egypt spark Fifa investigation

Ekaterinburg stadium
Ekaterinburg stadium

Empty seats at Uruguay’s World Cup

Ekaterinburg stadium

Fifa is looking reason why there were more than 6,000 unoccupied seats at Ekaterinburg. At that match Uruguay’s 1-0 win against Egypt on Ekaterinburg. Although the 2 looming ends of the bottom were for the most part full, there have been swaths of empty orange seats down each side.

“We will ensure that the official attending for the match between Egypt and Uruguay in Ekaterinburg is 27,015,” a Fifa representative said. “The capacity of the stadium in Ekaterinburg is 33,061. The very fact that the particular attending is not up to the quantity of allotted tickets is because of various factors, as well as ‘no shows’ on match day, that Fifa is presently investigation.”

There were additionally issues with an advanced queueing system. There were long line in different venues where IDs is necessary to enter the ground. All the venues are busy due to long lines, it also may be the reason for low fans there.

Those laminated cards were enough to urge supporters into the concourse. They had to be in queue again to receive a wrist band which is allowed in stadium.

One Uruguay fan said that is was very confusing. “We didn’t know that which line was that, thus you found you had been queueing for ages for brew or merchandise, not access. There have been countless useful volunteers, however I’m undecided they were well directed.”

Local sports Leonid Rapaport

In Ekaterinburg stadium there are many temporary stands that strecth up above the roof at both end of ground. The native sports minister Leonid Rapaport was unconcerned by the curiosity the stands had aggravated.  Last week he said “They are really good and very stable”.  Also these stands are made of very famous metals called Urals metal.

He had additionally pre-empted the blustery winds and smattering of rain that created life for those within the higher rows uncomfortable. He said “There is saying in Russia for nature there is no bad weather”. If it rain it will coll down player and supporters in the stand.”

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