Napoli need to sign Messi for serie A title ; Canavaro


Fabio Canavaro has suggested that napoli should sign Best player in the world i.e Messi to overcome any hopes of  the title trimph of serie A

The Italian legend who played Both for Juventus and Napoli said

The only way Napoli will take the Scudetto off Juventus is by signing Lionel Messi. Either that, or Juve gift it to them.

“I would love it for Juventus to win the Champions League this season and Napoli the Europa League, as it’d be a wonderful double for Italian football.

“I was in the Parma squad that represented the last Italian club to win the old UEFA Cup and I don’t understand why our teams are now struggling in Europe, as we used to dominate these competitions.

“I think Napoli have everything it takes to bring the trophy home.”

It really did seem as if Napoli or Inter could halt the Juventus domination, but the Bianconeri seem intent on marching on regardless,”

But Juventus DESERVE credit for understanding what to do in certain moments. They signed Cristiano Ronaldo when needing to give confidence and renewed enthusiasm to the squad, stepping up a level in Europe and maintaining the invincible aura in Italy.

But it look more then impossible for Napoli to sign Messi as Messi recently signed a contract to remain with Barcelona until 2021. He has also reiterated his desire to stay with the club until his retirement, so it remains to be seen if he backtracks on his words and does indeed opt for a move to Italy, reigniting his decade-long rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo in the process.


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