Ramos won’t face action over Football Leaks doping claims


Ramos won’t face action over Football Leaks doping claims


Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos will not face disciplinary action after a report alleged he had been involved in irregularities during anti-doping controls on two occasions,

The report based on Football Leaks documents, claimed Ramos tested positive for a prohibited substance after the 2017 Champions League final and did not follow correct procedures when called for a routine test after a game at Malaga in April. last weekend that it and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) accepted an explanation by Madrid that what happened at the Champions League final had been due to an administrative error, with the club doctor writing the wrong medication name on the doping control form.Sources at both La Liga and the Spanish Football federation (RFEF) have told¬†¬†they will not take action over the Malaga test because Spain’s anti-doping agency AEPSAD has not passed them evidence of wrongdoing.

An RFEF spokesperson said there were no plans to investigate Ramos as the governing body had received no notification of any irregularities and has no jurisdiction over anti-doping matters in Spanish football under Spanish law.



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